Three hundred and sixty five days.

Plans for the year are cementing themselves, though maybe more like femo? Not as solid, malleable and full of all kinds of good intention. I’m starting a few new creative projects and one is Project 365. Im excited to see photos I take in full-size instead of only on the tiny screen of my phone for once.

Come follow me.

365 Project flickr or on instagram @cowboycass

In addition, my plan is to pick out some photos to post here with some writing. Not all (b/c I can’t be too ambitious, can i?) but a few, here and there would be more than I wrote in 2014.

2014 was a year that happened I guess. I’m struggling to maintain an interest level with re-hashing it again. Some high/low-lights:

  • r’s recovery from her accident
  • a’s cancer
  • getting engaged
  • traveling to europe for the first time
  • biking all summer
  • buying a house
  • my mom’s continued decline
  • that beyonce album, y’all.
  • deleting facebook


Here’s a picture from day 3. Its the psychedelic spaceship jukebox at one of my favorite haunts, also home of the best nachos in town.