Bridge City Blues

I’ve been working on some goals lists – and this little blog came up a few times. My lady and I are working toward things, together and separately – cheerleading and winning every game.It feels really good to have a partner in crime who is a multi-creative and motivated person. A person who always wants to see more making of things by me, a person who says “I love your poetry.” Who says, “You make me want to write.”

The last six months have a been a whirlwind of changes for me, and as I write this I find myself at a new job, living in a new city – with nearly endless opportunity stretched out before me. I’m enjoying the struggle to find my place, am comforted by the anchor in my beautiful and supportive partner and friends here in the city of bridges.

I’m letting myself fall in love with Portland, slowly, tentatively, on each date we have. Every morning light streaming through my bedroom, every daffodil sprouting next to the front door, every time I bike over the Broadway Bridge, every time I watch a rainbow break through the sky from my office window, every crisp evening on the bluffs with her hand in mine , every time she says my name before we drift to sleep. Image