A little lost, A little list.

I’m inclined to complain about the fact that I am still out of work, but have been trying to keep it to myself. Suffice to say, I’m pretty bummed that I am still unemployed. I do much better when I have a job. Emotionally, in my body, etc. This week I’ll be doing some house-sitting/gardening and am like, embarrassingly excited about it. Just to get out of the house and do something for a minute sounds like a dream. 

I mean, I have been doing, but you know. You know? Of course, there are literally a million things I could be doing but I have like motivation fatigue or something. It is true that I do best at one end of two extremes. Either laying completely motionless with a cocktail on a beach somewhere or so damn busy I can’t see straight. Anything in between is difficult town.

Things I should be doing: 

  • Fixing the drywall in the ceiling in the living room
  • Patching/sanding the basement apartment
  • Putting together my chap book
  • Getting quotes for replacing the counter tops in the apartment downstairs
  • Gardening
  • Going for long walks
  • Finishing edits on that story that I’ve been writing for a year
  • Writing more poems
  • Researching gigs
  • Memorizing the hell outta some pieces
  • Spending time with my mom
  • Reading the rest of The Creamsicle by Rhiannon Argo because its actually so good.
  • Cleaning my damn room.
  • Being a fool in love with a dreamy lady (I am, admittedly, doing this like every hour of every day, so thats something.)

This list might make me seem like a total lump. This also might be the most boring blog entry ever written. despite everything, I am still such a happy, happy dude.


Tea cup people gazing



Not-quite-simmering this summer.


I’m a bad blogger man, and have totally neglected this jam for so long. Things have been a little wild, a little difficult and a lot awesome over here lately. Happy high gay holidays! You know, I love Pride season. Last weekend kicked off with a lot of dancing and day drinking with sweet friends in Portland. This weekend Seattle will don its gay apparel and I can’t wait. I’ll definitely be out dancing on Saturday night at the very least. 

Also, I’m totally in love. So, theres that.

In addition – there are some sweet little events coming up where you can catch me telling stories, and teaching up a storm. The list is below.

Tuesday, July 3rd – Featuring at the Seattle Poetry Slam! 8pm. $5 cover, ID required, 21 & over. Re-Bar Seattle – 1114 Howell Street.

Monday July 16th – 19th – Teaching “Writing and Gender Intensive” @ Bent in Seattle. sign up for class here.

Afternoon @ Peninsula Park Rose Garden in Portland. ❤

You should listen to this song