Flights of fashion.

from Saturday, 4am, Seattle Airport.

I’m not sure I’ve written anything this early in the morning like, ever. Which, I guess, doesn’t inspire much confidence that these early morning moments are anything worth remembering but, here we are. I’ve seen some incredible fashion already this morning in the airport including but not limited to: a purple velour bedazzled track suit and a pair of  jeans which were entirely missing the fabric on the top of the thigh area. It seems like you never really know about current trends until you head to the airport at 4am.  

I know now that I am most certainly behind the times. Me and everyone who think fleece sweatpants and a grease stained t-shirt is appropriate travel attire. We’ve really got the whole fashion spectrum here.  

I live in a fairly large city and yet, at the airport, seeing someone who’s got some cool points is like winning concert tickets from your local non-profit indie rock radio station (shout out to KEXP) – just rare enough to be exciting. When spotting each other, two “cool” people at the airport are shy, almost bashful, sneaking glances at each other, almost saying “Please! notice me! I just need to know I’m not alone!” Reassurance is delicately and subtly passed around like the name of that really delicious and exclusive fusion restaurant that just opened.  It is brief, but meaningful and we all paid a lot of money to be there. However, these are just fleeting moments because it is a known rule that ‘cool’ people in the airport cannot stay in the same place together, they must spread out and become outposts of good taste and hope that all humanity hasn’t turned into some self-involved, poorly dressed suburbanite. 

As for me, I’m about to board my flight. Six hours in the air from one hip metropolis to the next. Working on forgetting where I really come from with every frequent flyer mile. Of course, I end up sitting right across the aisle from ‘no thigh’ jeans girl, who spends twenty minutes talking about how much kindles suck because its so much better to read an actual book (with which I agree, mostly, except someone gave me a kindle as a gift so I use it). Then she pulls out a Vampire romance novel, and I pull out my kindle to read Sub Rosa by Amber dawn, (which I highly recommend)  and I think, we are really just the same, all of us. 


This is what I like to see. Don't y'all think I'd look fly in one o' those hats?


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