A little bit of (self) promotion

Recently some buddies of mine asked if they could photograph me for their super awesome queer photo zine – #1 Must Have.

Of course, I agreed. We had a blast hanging out, eating potato leek soup and feeling awkward (on my part) about taking photos. The results are pretty great, and silly. Adrien and Slaven are total sweethearts and this project is really lovely and queer and all of that. Check them out, and pick up a hard copy of the zine as well.

Direct link here: maybe more topless-ness


Don’t sit. Please, sometimes, hope.

Don’t come (home)

Sit in pews of steeple’d fingers
what you’d always imagined
would be:
ringed and rigid
latticed and lonely
mired, masked.

Please, remember your mother’s maiden name

Sometimes, desperately want your happiness
across desolated plains of missing and
blow away the caps and umbrellas
doubting it.

Hope, the stillness in the air isn’t a sign
your shoe is filling up with blood.