Manic Happiness, cont.

Hello again, and welcome to the summer of my contentment, which is turning into a (hopefully) fantastic fall.

Fall. A season I actually really love. Full of crisp air and falling leaves and afternoons drinking warm beverages and hunting for pumpkins to carve. Fall is the season that reminds me how much I need an immersion blender because I want to eat soup like, everyday. In the fall I still sleep with the windows open, because I love the feeling of waking up in a warm bed with a cold nose. Last year, some friends and I started a tradition of an autumn feast peppered with odes to the season. Yes, odes! Autumnal odes!

Odes, for example, like this hysterical one by Colin Nissan for McSweeney’s.

In case you’re wondering: life is still really good.

Here we see the writer, wielding a pumpkin shaped bounty last fall.


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