Manic Happiness, cont.

Hello again, and welcome to the summer of my contentment, which is turning into a (hopefully) fantastic fall.

Fall. A season I actually really love. Full of crisp air and falling leaves and afternoons drinking warm beverages and hunting for pumpkins to carve. Fall is the season that reminds me how much I need an immersion blender because I want to eat soup like, everyday. In the fall I still sleep with the windows open, because I love the feeling of waking up in a warm bed with a cold nose. Last year, some friends and I started a tradition of an autumn feast peppered with odes to the season. Yes, odes! Autumnal odes!

Odes, for example, like this hysterical one by Colin Nissan for McSweeney’s.

In case you’re wondering: life is still really good.

Here we see the writer, wielding a pumpkin shaped bounty last fall.


AuGAYst and SeptMOber

Well, apparently I’m channeling my European roots because I’ve been taking so much time off from everything this summer. Consequently, life is real, real good. I’ve been spending minimal time in the office, and thus minimal time at the computer and more and more hours floating around in Lake Washington in tiny shorts. Mostly here at Dykiki.

In August, I spent a week volunteering at a summer camp for queer youth and youth of queer families, which wasn’t really a vacation in that it was wicked hard work, but was in that it made me smile a lot and absolutely changed my life. Seriously. Gay camp changed my life. The camp is incredible, the youth are incredible, and the other staff members really blew my mind with awesomeness. I can’t wait to go back again next summer. A friend who also volunteered and I were chatting after we returned and she said something that really struck me. Something like, “You know, its like everyone who comes to camp gets to be their most glittery amazing and positive selves. Because we are all there to volunteer, to make life awesome for our campers, we get to be the best versions of ourselves in that moment, so of course we’d all fall in love with each other about it!” I think that sort of sums it up.

Basically since camp I’ve been swimming and laughing and rabble rousing with in city friends and other staff who are bopping around Seattle. It rules, life rules, and I am a happy, happy man.

Beach buddy serenely floating

Tomorrow I’m headed to Chicago (and an overnight in Madison!) for a week to celebrate some beautiful friends getting hitched/being in it together for 10 years! I’m pretty stoked to love up on them, and to get into LOTS of trouble in the Windy City with other friends who are flying from Seattle and all of my Midwest loverz.

If anyone knows of something I MUST do while there, please let me know. Also, I’m looking for a good barber in Chicago. I’d love a queer barber, but if not, a super traditional gentlemanly type of situation works for me as well.

Of course, I’ll try to tone down the MANIC HAPPINESS in my next entry. But for now, just deal.