An Open Window or Three, Birch Bay.

Still wind chimes and
windy road side pull outs.
Waiting with sweaty palm camera’d Canadians
for a clear shot
of something the morning only whispered about.

All those Saturdays.
My first beer in three years and
your first cannoli.
We wore our shoes to bed
and touched each other from across the room.
Promised to turn off the T.V.
Squeezed our hands through the chain link fence of
near misses. Waiting to sail,
window to water tower
and listen our names into its sides.

I had this dream where I didn’t let go.



Have you ever been standing on a street corner, walking down a boulevard, or perhaps sitting pretty at a cute cafe when you saw something happen that totally made your g-d day because it was so funny you could barely stand it?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about just how funny/weird people are, what makes me laugh, and how lucky I am to be living in a big ole’ city where strange and amazing people are literally pouring out of every orifice performing weird wild acts for my greedy little eyes to see. The city is rife with fodder for story time, as you know you gorgeous little reader, you. Everyone has seen, heard or smelled something that they never thought they would. Also, especially for those of us from not-so-city places, an absolute wonderland of wacky-ness awaits. This all kind of makes urban living sound like a circus or something, when in fact it can be quite unnerving. However, today, I’m feeling sort of ridiculously manic about the whole deal and so I’d like to share with you one of my favorite moments to witness:

Adults. Running. Unexpectedly.

You know what I’m talking about, right?! There’s something about a grown-ass person having to hoof it down a street or sidewalk that brings me joy and jubilation unlike any other. The moment right before, the hesitation, maybe a few hurried steps of an adult of any ilk deciding that yes, I’m going to have to move quickly and RIGHT NOW is pure comedy gold. Everyone looks awkward and silly and just a little like they might pee their pants.

Children can run, teenagers can run, and its pretty much, well, unsurprising. However Adults running? Forget about it. Because its, apparently, only okay to run as an adult when you are wearing an outfit that looks like this:

This could be a picture of my little gayborhood where shirtless runners bound around everywhere looking really serious and full of abs!

Of course, there are many different types of ARU, but here are a few:
– The’Oh hell, I’m going to miss my bus!” run.
– The ‘I (kind-of) need that taxi cab’ run.
– The, ‘I-dont-want-a-jaywalking-ticket’ run. Note: This may or may not be unique to Seattle, where, FOR REAL you can (and many folks do) get jaywalking tickets. Let’s talk sometime about that unicorn-like moment at 3am when there are no cars on the road and no people around and you approach a corner and see someone patiently waiting for the walk sign. Amazing!
– (and my personal favorite) The ‘I think…I think maybe I see someone that I know/might be sexually attracted to over there!’ run.

I’ve been pondering (of course) a way to catch this particularly wonderful event on video, but so far it seems impossible, because of its inherent unplanned nature. For now, I think I’ve resigned myself to spending a lot of time with my eyes peeled to the max waiting for the perfect little nugget of city life to shower me with the glittery angel dust of a man in a suit, or perhaps a goth in knee high boots trying to make it across the street in time to catch the number 14 to Capitol hill.

I suggest, you do the same.

This weight of this purse is causing me extreme anguish!