Tender Teddy Tuesday

Well, Its been awhile again and I have been severely slacking in the post department. But hey, I’ve been having a lot of fun, so thats good! In lieu of a more meaty post I’d like to make a few recommendations. Its supposed to rain for the next million years or something here in Seattle, so I feel like fantasizing about fun things I like to do and see. Lets say we call this, Tender Tuesday. Just like every other day, only a little more dreamy.

If you live in Seattle:

There are some really amazing things happening. I plan on doing/attending all of the following and its sure to be a good time.

1. Two! Extremely talented and amazing writers release their new books, together. Can you attend? Yes You May!

2. A new open mic, hosted by one of the above mentioned super talented ladies, at one of the most charming venues in the city (a beautiful old craftsman house!): Open Mic. Empty Sea.

3. Some of the parks around here look like this.. I want to go to there in the sunshine, or in the rain.

4. Self serve frozen yogurt (or “fro-yo” as the more savvy consumers call it) has come to Capitol Hill. I love pistachio, myself. This place is amazing.

5. Sad, sad music with sweet friends is really, a pretty silly and smiley event. Although, maybe we are all gritting our teeth through the tears. In any case, this business is one of my favorite ways to spend a Tuesday (Tender Tuesday!). Crossbones Style.

6. Who doesn’t love to watch a bunch of queers shake their booties/participate in some booty shaking. This is one of the longest running queer dance nights in the city. Plus the name of it is dirty. Let’s make out on the dance floor chat awkwardly by the coat check! Boom!

7. Jams! Pickled things! Sweating over pots of boiling water! Anxiously awaiting a delicious yield! being old beyond my years…I can’t wait for summer wandering through my neighborhood farmer’s market., and picking up things to make deliciousness. I may or may not still be haording pickled items from last years pickle plan extravaganza.

Aw, yeah.


Mix Tape

Hey Y’all. I’ve been a little slacking on the blog-arama lately. After NaPoWriMo sapped away all of my poetic energy, it was my birthday, and so I went on vacation to Texas.

I made a mix for my buddies in Austin. Its called Seattle Sauce. Click the link above to download it.