My apologies for the extreme lack of posting lately. Between Aries birthday bonanza and friends visiting from across the country, it seems I’ve been slacking big time over here on this ole’ blog. Last week I had a five day staycation, plus, it was sunny and my two best buddies were in town. Needless to say, a whole lot of debauchery ensued. This includes cocktails, out to lunches, karaoke, park-lounging and dinner parties.

I made this recipe twice, because its so good. It takes a long time to cook but it is worth it.  See also, baby bok choy and purple cabbage salad. See also again: out loud food appreciation moaning.

Tomorrow is the beginning of National Poem Writing Month (or, NaPoWriMo). Last year I think I made it 15 days, this year, I’m going to try for 16 or above, because you’ve gotta have goals, people. I’ll be posting some of the drafts I’m working on here for sure. More than anything, I love April because I get to read amazing poetry of friends who participate all month long. Bring on the verse.

Above: Cal Anderson Park, the first day I noticed the sun was out after 5pm. Hello, Springtime!


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