Meet me in six months.

Just got done watching, An Affair To Remember with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr. Its the movie that Sleepless in Seattle was based on and came out in 1957, the year my mother was born. Officially, my review feelings are that I’m now sort of weepy, nostalgic and over whelmed. I love old movies, and somehow manage to forget sometimes until a quiet night at home. There’s something comforting about the particular brand of masculinity in many of these films that gives me pause (of course, not without analysis). I am reminded of my father, falling asleep on the couch while he struggled to stay awake, and told me about watching movies with his dad. Chided me into paying more attention than I did to most things at the time.

Later, S, taught me all about the wonderful world of Gene Kelley and Fred Astaire. Holding onto each other under a pile of blankets while they tapped and glided across the screen is something I will never forget. We had this photo of Mr. Astaire framed in our living room for years.

Tomorrow I think I’ll give, Blazing Saddles or maybe some Laurel and Hardy a watch and try to lighten the mood a bit. Clearly this is necessary considering my emotive non-review. Haha.

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