Work from home Wednesday Thursday.

>Most Thursdays I try to stay out of the office, and take some time out to get stuff done without the immediate emergency drop by your desk questions. Its actually integral in my work life sanity take these days to catch up and breathe and well, do my laundry and listen to music without headphones. Let’s be real, I also go out to lunch with friends, and generally, probably fuck around a lot. Basically everything about working at home that you’d imagine to happen.

I thought for a long time that I’d love a job that allowed me to telecommute 100% of the time, but let’s be honest, that isn’t realistic for me. I’m too into socializing with the people I work with, and in person meetings are ways to create connections and ideas that you just can’t make over the phone or even Skype. Plus, I just don’t have the discipline. Ideally, I’d only be in the office half the week, but for now thats not in the cards and I feel really grateful that I have this kind of one day at home option at all.

Today I spent the morning visiting with a friend up North who I don’t get to see very often. It was nice to bullshit over a warm cup of coffee and take a walk to pick up his munch-kins from school later on. Its unseasonably warm here, and the walk with him made me feel a tad nostalgic and pretty damn happy to be doing just what I was doing right in that moment.

Clearly I did not do my laundry today, and I’m hoping that somewhere in the middle of the weekend I’ll be able to muddle through. But, I hate doing laundry. If I didn’t feel totally ridiculous for spending the money, I’d totally hire a service. Seriously, any other chore from cleaning the bathroom and washing the dishes, to picking up dog shit, I am happy to do as long as I don’t have to do laundry. Don’t get me wrong, I love, love having clean clothes. But the act of getting them there is something that I barely tolerate. I would clean someone else’s bathroom once a week if they would do my laundry. No really, I would.

Someone has to be into skill sharing/trades/even something kinky around laundry doing, right? Who wants to do my laundry? Anyone? Hello?….No? …..

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