>By Sea
On a skiff, slow moving and visible from shore, floating through clouds of algae and foam slicing tangles of seaweed that kept you ashore until the horizon and team blue of the bow meet in the webs of your fingers and tear you apart.
By Air
In a red balloon suspended basket prone to weaving and shaking through the atmosphere, air thinning until your lungs let go of the earth and look to the end of the sounds of your insides exploding into the ether.
By Foot
Each pebbles impression on the balls of your feet and stinging branches propelling you forward with every swish of you jean clad thighs wishing you onto that road and down it until no house lit windows show you the path anymore and you are alone.
These ways of wandering , only a beginning that haunts your slow heaving chest on early mornings when everyone tells you that they tried, that they tried and they just couldn’t find a reason to keep you anymore.


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