>So, I’m sort of a musicophile. I really, really, love music. Especially a good folk band. I’m always looking for new tunes, and listening to something random, and I feel so fortunate to listen to such great things a lot, and have friends who put up with/encourage this part of my life. I think that going to shows, listening to records, plugging into my headphones, and watching/listening to friends play/sing improves my life in a way that is so incredible I can hardly describe it sometimes. Its sort of like, my version of church, poetry, music, communing with friends. This is as hippy dippy as I get, ya’ll (sort of).

Last night I went to see These amazing folks (Coyote Grace), play with These amazing folks (Girlyman). It was brilliant and wonderful, and I am so glad to know them, and so lucky to have heard their music last night. Seriously, every single time I see Coyote Grace play I get butterflies in my stomach and can’t stop smiling. I loved every second of the show last night, from the uptempo bluegrass jams, to the soft heartbreaking ballads, to Girlyman’s off the hook cover of Father Figure, my socks were rocked off.

I am in music LOVE, and I ain’t ashamed to say it.


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