>I’m seriously falling behind in this 30/30 thing. Wrote a haiku one day, which seems like a cop out, and I feel like a big mess of words. but. Its okay. Here’s another one:

Sweaty sunrises

You were unashamed
I was too young to pay much attention
Tanned and gangly, gracious

Don’t try and be something you’re not
(I was)
Lets just get in the car and go
(I did)

Light blue VW
the shifter
stitched into the palm of your hand
experimental noise rock
loudest through one speaker

I don’t think you ever combed your hair
cut it in the bathroom sink
never seemed to have any toilet paper
smelled like a
white knuckled grip on the steering wheel of me
tighter still

I clutched back
My fingers quaking
you were just a gust of wind

We waited by the side of the road for
You always
got what you wanted
(I didn’t know that I did)

You sent new white underwear
in the mail
a book about sailors
nursery rhyme lyrics
(I still have them)

I hear you’ve been in Mexico City
Just a gust of wind past my periphery

Here, its never hot in the morning
I’m not so young anymore


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