>Hail Mary, full of grace

The virgin mother is
glowing in my bedroom.
She’s a nightlight you left for me
to find my way.
I’m trying to stand up in the aisles of my
chest cavity
but its too windy for my bowlegged boy
to lace his fingertips through your
tangled resurrection.

Blessed art thou among women
and I miss you on days like these.

I’ll get on my knees for you
Stay there lighting candles
illuminating your forgiveness.
Bury my face in the robe of your skin
and breathe you in.

And blessed is the fruit
The Marys are
blinking down the stairwell.
The Marys are
hanging themselves up and down my doorframes.
I’ll be bleeding for you
waiting to
bathe your feet in the breath of my
heart aching

Now and at the hour of our death
I’ll stand
for centuries by the altar of your
hands .
Open my mouth only to sing


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