A Gamble

>I stayed in last night and licked my wounds. Which means: I ate a really good home cooked dinner and took a shower so long that I literally ran out of hot water. Since I live in a house where I have my very own full size hot water heater, this is hard to do. My whole body felt relaxed and soft and warm when I finally got out so I stood by the open window and smoked a cigarette. I know it ain’t environmentally friendly (the long shower or the cigarette), but goddamn, sometimes you need to go there.

I’m thinking about committing myself to 30/30 (or NaPoWriMo) this year (it starts tomorrow!). I haven’t really tried at something since I ripped open my insides a couple of years ago doing NaNoWriMo. I’m a little freaked out and a little excited. I haven’t done very much writing at all in the last couple of years, and I think this project is a good thing to add to my list about thwarting writer shame.

I probably won’t post all of my poems here (because that would be annoying). But, definitely a few (if I actually motivate to do this thing).


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