Lonely is the room, the bed is made, the window lets the rain in

>Burning in the corner is the only one who dreams he had you with him.

Songs (A List):

“Lover, you Should Have Come Over” – Jeff Buckley
“Greeting Card Isle” – Sarah Harmer
“Hold On” – Tom Waits
“Shape I Found you in” – Girlyman
“I’m on Fire” – Bruce Springsteen
“Taxi Cab” – Vampire Weekend
“Mary” – Joe Purdy
“Reconstruction Site” – The Weakerthans
“Vcrs” – The XX
“Hummingbird” – Kris Delmhorst
“Baker Lake” – Sera Cahoone
“DC Comics and a Chocolate Milkshake” – Art Brut
“The Weary Kind” – Ryan Bingham
“Us” – Regina Spektor
“Blood Bank” – Bon Iver
“Bed is for Sleeping” – Superwolf

(and there are more…so many more)


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