Long time.

>I was writing an email to a new friend today, and thinking about this little blog and how neglected its been. The last year or so has been rough, but I’m ready for change. So…

Ive decided to dub 2010, Two Thousand Win! Today I was running an errand and ended up talking to this woman about how crappy “Two Thousand and NO” has been for a lot of people. She said she had been listening to the radio and people were calling in and talking about it. One guy said he had lost his wife, his job, and his dog had died. So much!

I caught myself responding, “funny, I lost my partner, my job, my dog died and my house is on the market” she said, “was that you that called? omg!” After a minute or two I realized I couldnt stop laughing. I dont think Ive been in a place where i could laugh at just how ridiculous life has turned out to be this last year. I’m hoping it means this next year is going to be a time of laughter, rebirth and hopefully a little happiness. At least I’ve finally developed a sense of humor! Cheers and Promises of more writing to come, that is if anyone still reads this thing.

Prepare ye’selves for some really, really ridiculously funny heartbreak poems.