>I’m folding holiday cards and stuffing them into envelopes at work. They are made of thick paper, with gold inlaid text, and it feels good in my hands. It makes me think about the last time I sent out some really good mail. The ladyfriend has definitely recieved some, but, I think that’s it. I’m not sure whats wrong with me because, you know, sending mail (slash recieving it, makes me totally hot). Plus, TLF is so good at it, that I feel like I’ve got to work it out. So what I want to know is, when was the last time you sent someone really good mail? When is the last time someone’s great mail graced your doorstep?

It’s been awhile (for the blog), I know. I want to get the excuses out of the way, and say, that TLF was here for a month and then I decided that I should write a novel last month, so this blog fell by the wayside. I want ya’ll to know, that I feel a little guilt about it.

I also want you to know that doing this is possibly one of the most humbling experiences of my life. I didn’t make it to the goal, but I’m pretty sure that I wrote more in the month of November than I have in the last couple of years combined. It left me feeling a little overwhelmed about life in this really great way. Also, I’m pretty sure its what saved my sobriety for another month. To that I say, Cheers!

I feel like I had alot of things to say, things that I want to whisper and others that I’d like to scream. I want to call up from the bottom of that canyon that I am in love and I’m not planning on coming back anytime soon. Things with TLF went in a direction that I hadn’t really even imagined as a possibility, and I think that’s the way; which is to say, that we are in love. Not just me, not just her, we. I feel triumphant, jubilant and any other number of completely grandiose words strung together, meaning; this is amazing.

She is moving in in less than a month. Slap me on the back and tell me congratulations. Go on, do it.


3 thoughts on “Mail.

  1. >I ❤ mail, too. My favorites come from an artist friend who gets very creative. Recently, I've sent a handful of cards and some boxes too. Mail is one of the few things that makes me smile uncontrollably.Please write more, and make your voice heard.

  2. >congratulations ;)ooh, i *love* real mail. i have one friend that i correspond with by mail somewhat regularly (if infrequently). she always has interesting stationary, but moreimportantly she sends letters of length and substance. i got thanked for the quality of my last letter to her – i just sat down to write in response to some interesting ideas, and ended up sending off a small ream of messy note paper. i love that.

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