>Its hot inside my office today. So much so that I’m inclined to daydream about running shorts and tank tops. About swimming trunks and bare feet. About being absolutely naked. But, I’m a nice guy, and so I’m sparing my coworkers that little treat for now.I thought maybe outside was better, so on my lunch hour a coworker and I strolled over to the hot dog stand across the street to get some eats. I was wrong. At this point, I wish I hadn’t gone outside, because it just leaves me wanting for some time this afternoon outside in the shade. Maybe some sweet tea and a long talk with a good friend. I’m working on being pro active about this situation. I’ll keep you updated on how it goes.

This weekend will be full of preparation and distraction. The house, the yard, the car, the laundry, the grocery store. All of these things will take up my time until she arrives. Because I know I’ll have no desire for menial household tasks once she arrives. Then again, who am I kidding, I am an absolute neat freak. It is now confirmed that after work I will have a walk down to the water with a patient friend, and then an evening in. Life is too good sometimes.


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